Digital Impressions & Same Day Crowns

Have you ever gagged on impression material while in the dentist office?  Wanted to replace a front tooth or old crown but not wanted to worry about a temporary or missing tooth?  We know these things regularly frustrate our patients and in response have recently added the CEREC system from Sirona to our toolchest.  CEREC is a combination of 3D Scanning & Impression equipment along with a CAD/CAM mill that allows our team to do a variety of things to make your visit easier.

The first part is taking 3 dimension digital impressions of your mouth which means far more accurate results and no more uncomfortable impression material (goop?) in your mouth.  Those impressions can then be used to make a crown in-house while you wait.  This eliminates the need for a second visit to the dentist and the possibility of a temporary crown falling off.  Or the impressions can be sent to out to make invisible orthodontic aligners (i.e. Invisalign) to straighten up your smile.  Feel free to give us a call with questions or ask to see the very cool software at your next visit.